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Private Wealth Architects


Identify gaps and missed opportunities within your financial blueprint. Find your financial architect before the subs. Not necessary to be in the design and the wording can be played around with.


We are called private wealth architects but our website is Possibly have an ark in the logo representing stability and safety. We also use a report we call a financial blueprint so possibly a blueprint idea revolving around the idea of we will create your financial blueprint.
Logo does not have to have an ark or blueprint just visual ideas.
Color scheme should be blue and green (probably on the darker end of the color spectrum) to represent trust and money when clients see it.

About Us

We work within the financial planning/advising industry to help individuals with various financial needs including: Estate Planning Investing Life, Disability, Long term care insurance Reviewing and analyzing client’s financial situation to create reports showing what clients need to do now in order to live like they want when they retire Business planning: succession, group benefits, fringe benefits

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November 13, 2017 10:08 AM

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