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You can check out my facebook ( Bayside Tackle). I'm located in Pierre Part, LA and right now I'm using a generic logo that is a Fish Hook with a Fish head on top. I do like this look and would like some options with changing the hook look to be my own but I also want some totally different options out there. I would also like to use Bayside Tackle in the logo theme some kind of way. It does not have to have Pierre Part on it. I'm going to be making some shirts and hats to sell in my shop so I want the name on it. It can include some different colors to make it pop. Again I want some options besides just a fish hook that may pop better or look better on shirts and hats.

About Us

I'm a Fishing Tackle shop. Mostly fresh water with very little salt water items so no need for anything with salt water or salt water fish. Looking more for Bass fishing stuff but open to look at different designs.

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September 14, 2017 6:57 AM

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