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We are looking for a design that is simple yet strong with hints of femininity (we were thinking metalic gold would be the accent colour that adds the hint of femininity that we are looking for)

Don't Wants

Flowers. No flowers.


1. #fcf9f9 Pantone Colour 282, RGB 4 30 66, Hex 041E42

No Color Specified

Pantone Colour 333, RGB 60 219 192, Hex 3CDBCO

No Color Specified

Pantone Colour 871C, RGB 132 117 78, Hex 84754E

About Us

We are a company that provides a service - Lead generation through SEO (Search Engine Optimization and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Customization. We create campaigns with google ads/social media online to find leads for businesses. We also customize back end business systems that manage customer relations and help create an effective workflow for a business in order to bring in and maintain customers. Target Market is small business and start-ups. Our name SugarTech was inspired because our company offers computer based solutions (Tech) and (Sugar) because we are two females in a male dominated industry.

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September 5, 2017 4:56 AM

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