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BaBamm, LLC


NOT like comic book 'wham bam' bubble text logo. Clean, solid colors, can have some blending and 3D. Just also think of a trade name black and white conversion that we may have to have for vendor-ware related give aways. Professional, strong.

Don't Wants

Comic book type look.


1. #f01f1f HEX 95261E (close to) Red like Rosso leather
2. #0b12d9 HEX 003E85 (close to) Around this color blue.
3: #000000 Black

About Us

Company currently holds a Asian cold drink and dessert restaurant entity. The overall concept to the BaBamm name is more of shock, in your face I did it, and get it done, type aspect. Like when you just did some awesome graphics and nailed it, "BaBamm!!"

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January 5, 2017 1:10 PM

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closed over 2 years ago