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Ideally, easily read and recognizable name, properly fitting in a typical header. Not too aggressive or too corporate looking as far, as the font and style. A sharp, simple logo/icon, that could be used in social media and be immediately recognized and associated with our business is important. We would like to to be able to use the same font type, used for the Logo, throughout the web site to keep things consistent. The suggested colors are no more, than just suggested. We are wide open in respect to colors. Thank you in advance for your great efforts! We really appreciate your talent and that is why we placing our trust in you! :)

Don't Wants

Not too corporate or merchant-type like. We are not a medical, financial or real estate-type business. This site is designed for Antiques and Art collectors. Therefore a bit more creative, artsy and aesthetic


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A new web site serving as a platform, designed to connect antique, vintage and art dealers with their collectors and other potential buyers

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November 2, 2016 8:15 PM

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