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The use of the words in a type treatment coupled with a design mark - something the illustrates hope, the promise of a better future, etc.

About Us

Jochebed’s Hope is a faith-based, non-profit, 501c3 organization that is focused on helping the children of Indonesia by providing daily necessities (medical, food, clothing, housing), education and vocational skills. Its purpose is to demonstrate Christ’s love for his children by providing encouragement and hope for the future. In addition to providing the daily necessities of life, Jochebed’s Hope’s goal is to help the helpless help themselves and others through education and vocational training. The original mission of the organization was to feed the street children of Jakarta. Approximately 20-25 meals are delivered daily to the street children (families) across multiple “villages.” In addition to feeding street kids, a home for children – Connor House – has been constructed, and enlarged with the purchase of a neighboring house called Jochebed’s Hope House. These two houses are used to permanently feed, clothe, shelter, and educate 10 children currently. As additional funds become available, more disadvantaged children will be added. A few months ago, Jochebed’s Hope expanded its efforts to the island of Nias, by taking over previous missions work done by a related organization. In Nias, Jochebed’s Hope now operates a children’s home (called Jochebed’s Choice Children’s Home) that house 50 children of all ages, and three dormitories (housing 80 high school students). They provide vocational hands-on training in tailoring, computers and motorcycle repair. They feed hungry street children, teach English as a second language for a better paying job, train young adults in how to operate a farm, and train teenagers to become future farmers. Jochebed’s Hope also donates pigs to village farmers to provide a better life for their families. To nurture a Christian world view, Jochebed’s Hope conducts worship services in three locations, sponsors a weekly one-hour radio program from the heart of Jakarta, teaches Bible classes in both English and Indonesian, translates and prints books into Indonesian for future generations to read, and sends eight circuit-riding preachers into the more than 80 congregations on the small island of Nias.  Historically, Jochebed’s Hope has targeted its fundraising efforts to church communities (churches as mission sponsors, individual members through giving). Church of Christ has been historical denomination, but want to position as non-denominational. ¥ Set group of individuals and churches ¥ One church at a time, one message at a time ¥ Fundraising has come outside of US as well (Singapore, Australia) ¥ Church of Christ relationships, but don’t want to be restricted by this ¥ Special needs campaigns (once a year) ** PLEASE NOTE: the name Jochebed comes from the Bible - it was the name of Moses' mother. It symbolizes the selfless act of Moses' mother. At the time of Pharaoh, the Hebrews had multiplied so greatly as to cause the monarch to fear lest they should outnumber the Egyptians and take over the nation. Thus he commanded that all newly-born Hebrew boys be thrown into the Nile. The moment she saw her baby, she was determined to fight for his life. She made a little cradle of plaited reeds which were believed to be protection against crocodiles, then placed the cradle with its treasure secretly among the rushes at the river’s bank. At her usual time Pharaoh’s daughter came to the feathery greenness edging the ancient Nile to wash herself, and her maidens walking by the river side saw the cradle among the rushes. When the royal lady saw the beautiful baby and heard his cry she had compassion on him. Jochebed's selfless act actually saved her son's life.

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