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Hickory Smoked


Hickory Smoked Rhythm & Blues Festival


Maybe some Staves; Music Notes; Grills and/or smoke. The Hickory Smoked stands for the barbecue we will be serving. The Rhythm represents the music and Blues represents the Police uniforms. You can also look up what a grand stave looks like. Here is the definition. When music on two staves is joined by a brace, or is intended to be played at once by a single performer (usually a keyboard instrument or the harp), a great stave (British English) or grand staff (American English) is created. We intend for the music of the police department and the minority community to be played together.

Don't Wants

Nope I am eager to see what unchained imagination creates.


1. #1319c2 Police Uniform Blue
2. #121010 Black
3: #9c9494 Gray

About Us

We are having a music festival to create a positive space for Police to interact with the minority communinty

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May 26, 2016 1:57 PM

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