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We want a simple yet bold design that conveys that we are there to connect the dots in a profound way to help take your team/strategy to the next level and achieve long-term sustainable growth in revenue. It needs to be able to be printed at any size and be effective without color if needed. It needs to stand out in a sea of logos, because customers in this space are bombarded with digital marketing vendors. It should be a standalone (no bleed) logo that can be applied in any reasonable business application: website, powerpoint presentation and other document templates, business cards, display ads, and on printed labels/items. It needs to follow our pantone brand colors (see attached). (Note, though, it need not include ALL those colors; simple is better.) And words to describe the feeling we'd like to convey are: expertise, trust, helpfulness, agility, proven, growth, continuous improvement, and safe.

Don't Wants

We don't want the design to be too literal. Literal dots are okay to incorporate but the overall logo should transcend the simple concept of "connecting the dots."

We also want to avoid anybody mistaking us for only focusing on the next small dot (so to speak). What we do is not small projects, small steps, small wins. We change the entire infrastructure of how your team operates/strategizes; we help you scope/prioritize major infrastructural/technical projects; we don't just sell a service, we sell a combination of process and expertise/guidance that will make large/sustainable incremental revenue for your company.

About Us

Next Dot is a (mostly digital) marketing strategy and infrastructural support agency that combines experienced/proven digital strategists and technical subject matter experts to help medium to large companies (ideally $50 Million to $500 Million) identify/scope and implement strategic/technology roadmaps and design/execute major marketing campaigns. (We are specifically NOT an agency that handles one-off/small campaigns or low-level SEO/PPC support.) Our approach is just as much about a process as it is about expertise, and our brand is about utilizing Agile Marketing processes/approaches to "connect the dots" (hence Next Dot) to achieve a better future state. We believe there is an entire generation of A+ digital marketers out there languishing in C- (or worse) infrastructure/strategies and our goal is to help empower them to rise above the confines of dated digital marketing systems/strategies and stay there using the tenets of Agile Marketing. We are the experts at helping teams identify the delta between their current state and greatness, translating that delta into a scope of work (roadmap), getting their teams on to the infrastructure/processes required to execute that roadmap, teaching them to be self-sustaining Agile Marketers, and if needed to provide contractor assistance to round out the skill sets on their team in order to achieve that roadmap. (Our contractors experience range from graphic/web design, user experience (UX), web development, content strategists, copy writers, mobile marketers, digital strategists, web analysts, email marketing specialists, social media marketers, search engine marketers, CRM architects, and business intelligence system specialists.) Decision makers who would hire our company are Directors of Marketing, Directors of Digital Marketing, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, and the occasional CEO.

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