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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Better Investment Group, Inc.


think BIG (First letter of each word on the Inc.)


Plan on using the logo on the business card to feel like an invitation. Something classic. I have been playing around with the designs myself as well but can only go so far with my limitations. It is a circle with the word BIG integrated within in the circle like a coin image. Was also looking into like a candle wax seal feel like the old days how they used to seal important and royal letters with their seal.

Also your ideas and creativity is always welcomed and appreciated.

Also, colors that are bold, bright, or soft depending on the design.


1. #faf9fc Red

No Color Specified

Blue to sky blue

No Color Specified

No Note

About Us

Real Estate Purchase/Sale, Property Management, Financial Analysis with real estate investment

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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April 23, 2016 9:13 AM

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