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The Coyotes


Two coyotes playing ukuleles, one male (Bhatman) and one female (Mandy). Should be lighthearted and fun, something that transfers well to stickers for ukulele cases. Also because we'd like to transfer these to stickers please keep the number of colors to a reasonable number for print (5 or less, ideally). Black and white is fine as well. Also it might be nice to some way incorporate our names, but such is NOT a mandatory and we'll still just be looking for the design that would make the best stickers at the end of the day.

Don't Wants

Literal pictures of coyotes; prefer cartoonish/lighthearted style.

About Us

This is a logo for a ukulele group called The Coyotes. One of the Coyotes is a man named Bhat (pronounced "bat"), who everybody calls Bhatman (his personal logo is attached as inspiration/reference). The other Coyote is a woman named Mandy. They are happy/fun entertainers who don't take life too seriously. The background of the group's name will hopefully inspire this logo. On weekends Bhat and Mandy play ukulele at their local Theravada Buddhist temple (the kind with monks in the saffron-colored robes). One day they were playing in the library of the temple when a monk came in and jokingly told them "I thought heard a couple of coyotes in here...." So they decided to name their group The Coyotes.

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April 21, 2016 10:27 AM

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