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North Pole Rocks


We'd like to incorporate Santa Claus and one or two pickaxes to emphasize both our location (North Pole) and product (rocks). The logo should be simple and clean enough to look good as a monotone image to put on the small velour pouches the rocks will be shipped in, but also have a fun colorful option. We might use it on t-shirts or winter hats. Vector format would be great, just in case we end up using it for signs or something large in the future.

We're picturing a sort of "edgy" Santa as a little play on words with North Pole "Rocks". I'm imagining just santa's head with pickaxes crossed behind him and he's wearing sunglasses. My wife is picturing more of a buff Santa holding the pickaxe. We're open to other cool ideas, just something both Christmas and rock related.

Additional info about the company:
One way to make this a positive movement is the backstory that these are magical rocks. During the month of December, you put one in your left pants pocket in the morning and sometime during the day, when you do something nice for somebody, you move it to your right pocket. This activates the elf magic that brings you good luck, (or at least a good feeling.)

About Us

This is a business idea my children came up with. We live in North Pole, Alaska; and they love collecting polished rocks. They approached me with the idea of polishing and selling their own rocks and I decided that, with the help of the internet, it's not a bad idea. Who wouldn't want genuine rocks from (the) North Pole? The Target Market would be moms during Christmas time.

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October 5, 2015 7:03 PM

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