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Im after a design that will look outstanding on the side of a vehicle. (Door banner) so a longer design would be ideal, that way it can fill the space between the front and rear wheel arches. It would also be a bonus if the design could be laser cut out of sheetmetal to act as a plaque to put on my own fabricated products, but is not crucial. Mainly looking to use red, black and white as the colours. Would be great if the logo would stand out on any colour car, especially black ones. Im afer a nice, clean logo, something that is simple but yet something that has had alot of work gone into it. (Just like every item i build)


1. #e31919 -

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We are a Fabrication workshop that targets the automotive market but is not limited to it. Selling performance parts has become a big part of our business also. We have a heavy emphasis on High quality workmanship, if that can be captured with a logo that is what we are after

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September 19, 2015 11:27 AM

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