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Real Estate Team


Looks to serve buyers and sellers of primarily residential real estate.

Brand Name

Mark Jacoby Group


We've had thoughts of funky row to fresh and hip (is "cool" and old term) ideas with team name incorporated.  Not afraid of something that shows creativity vs. "legal", staunch type of logo.   Would consider use of website with


Logo can be used on it's own, but needs to complement use of franchise logo-Coldwell Banker. Open to colors, though should compliment, not necessarly match CB colors are blue(Pantone 280)


Let's put your creativity to work to develop our new look.  If you're willing to tweak the design with us-let's do it!



About Us

The Mark Jacoby Group at Coldwell Banker Select Professionals-Realtors who serve buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  We look to serve our customers and clients before during and after a transaction, striving be be their one-stop real estate resource-through use the ever changing social media, web and expanding into YouTube.

We work in Central Pa, though are based in Lancaster, Pa.  The City has a wealth of history, as well as a ever developing art and music influence. The County-everyone thinks Amish, but has a strong service-sector.(see YouTube for visual info) 

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July 16, 2010 1:48 PM

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