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The Social Firm


be social.

Brand Name

The Social Firm


We are open to ideas... Looking for more of a horizontal style logo vs a wide and tall.  We are looking to establish ourselves as the go to guys and gals when you want to market your business properly and aggressively online.  We need a professional logo and a business card template.  We want meaningful colors.  We are creative minded and open to suggestions and thought.  A few thoughts were green, blue, grey, black, and or burgundy.  Feel free to experiment with colors.


In terms of design, some sort of connecting puzzle or something that shows integrating all facets of social media and marketing, drawing people together,connecting with people, multiplying to many more people.  These are just ideas, please be creative with your own vision as well! 


1. #0099CC -
2. #009900 No Note
3: #666666 No Note

About Us

We are the real deal when it comes to online branding and marketing.  You come to us when you are serious about connecting your business to the social online world.  We are social and search marketing experts.  We believe in getting businesses found in the search engines, driving leads to your website, increasing targeted audience traffic to your site, promoting events on face book and twitter, creating online social profiles and a following of fans and supporters, blogging and posting updates, pictures, videos and much more.

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June 29, 2010 1:54 PM

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