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J&M World Wide Products


"J&M World Wide Products" This is the main logo for our company. We want the "J&M" part of the logo to be separate from the "World Wide Products" part but obviously themed together. The "J&M" should be very iconic, recognizable at a glance. Think the Super Man symbol meets the Batman symbol, very memorable! We will be using this on our main site which will be a portal which will lead to all of our other sub-sites and then re-themed for each one. For example we will have a portal site that will have this logo on it and then we will have sub-sites that will have only the "J & M" part of the logo followed by "Zombie Survival" or "Athletic Equipment", etc... and the "J&M" will be zombified for example...

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April 16, 2015 1:29 AM

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