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Crafter on Demand


Making craft workshops more accessible through live distance learning (doesnt need to be used) or Quality Craft workshops taught live through distance learing


Simple, clean lines, some color. I do however notice that many "on demand" type logos have some sort of "play arrow" ">" or finger pressing play. I would like something that could incorporate that. I would also ask that aside from the colors I mentioned below...if you feel that a better color scheme goes along with the idea of the business then please feel free to submit different colors to me as I am wanting to know how you feel from the description. Thanks so much. Keep them coming. I like the play arrow on the O in ON demand. cool..


1. #901ed6 -
2. #3611db No Note
3: #12eb65 No Note

About Us

We will be providing live crafting workshops through a virtual classroom platform. Crafts such as mixed media, quilting, pottery, glass fusing, stained glass, jewelry making. We are trying to bring the class experience to a persons living room eliminated the cost of travel, lodging and making these classes available to people who cant travel but would like to take part.

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March 3, 2015 7:21 AM

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