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Idea #1: Similar to the teardrop shapes in a yin-yang symbol, except instead of going in a circle, they stack on top of one another from the bottom up. So the bottom one could face to the right and you would see the entire teardrop, the second one would face to the left and would be nestled above the bottom tear drop shape and be a little smaller, and the third/last one would face to the right nestled on top of the second one and again a little smaller. I would like each of the teardrops to be a different color - such as orange, green, and blue. The image represents optimal health and wellness at the top, the middle is self-care and stress management, and the base is the foundation - digestive health. Idea #2: I also like the idea of a yin yang type of image but with three teardrop shapes in a circle instead of 2. I think I'd like the three to have a tiny bit of space between them so they don't actually touch. The 3 teardrops still represent digestive health, stress management and self-care, and optimum health and wellness. The whole circle represents a person in balance. Balance. The idea is that one feeds the next, which feeds the next, ad infinitum. The image needs to appeal to indiviuals who are receiving mind-body services such as massage and wellness coaching or receiving online or in person courses to heal their digestion, medical professionals such as MDs who are receiving consulting and education programs so that they may begin effective wellness programs for their patient population, and wellness professionals such as other health and wellness coaches who want to learn to become more effective in helping clients to heal digestive issues.

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I am an RN and Certified Health and Wellness Coach and founder of Soul Path Wellness. We provide education, consulting, and coaching for individuals, medical professionals, and wellness professionals. Our core emphasis is on helping others to establish fabulous digestive health, which we believe is the foundation of all health, and prevention. We also address stress-management and self-care. I am in the process of reworking my website this week, as currently it caters to individuals only and I am expanding what I offer to include both online and in person education and consulting for MDs and other Medical Professionals and Wellness Professionals, as well as educational classes for individuals.

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