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Hutchinson Pet Hospital


I would like a design for our mission statement only.


I like the idea of mixed fonts in the mission statement and color would be fine. I'd like for it to look nice in any size from business card to poster size so we can shrink or expand it as needed depending on where we placing it. Background color or design to make it interesting and eye catching. I know it is long so the challenge is making it easy to read!

Don't Wants

I don't need a new logo, I like the one I have that is attached and you can use it to get some idea of our color scheme (mostly blues and greens with red accents). The mission statement should look good next to the logo but I don't want the logo in the mission statement.


1. #d9142b Pops of red? not necessary
2. #90e8ac Blues and greens
3: #9cabe6 softer colors

About Us

We are a small animal pet hospital and we just created our first mission statement. I would like a design for the mission statement only that we can use in advertising materials and placed around the clinic in frames. This is the mission statement that should be used: The Hutchinson Pet Hospital is committed to providing compassionate, quality, veterinary care to our community. We will help patients live long and healthy lives by properly educating ourselves and our clients, using modern veterinary medicine in a clean and comfortable environment.

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November 8, 2014 1:26 PM

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