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Logo for Fashion Handbags


Looking for logo for handbag company

Brand Name

Prayz Fashion


I am open to your creativity but here is what my brainstorm produced…


I would like to see the letter “P” printed on a satchel-style handbag (to mimic the scriptures that will be printed on purses). I want to be able to use this image independently or with the rest of the text.

Along with the picture add the word “Prayz” or “rayz” next to it in a pretty, elegant font with the word “Fashion” written in a simpler font underneath OR the P at the top with “Prayz Fashion” written underneath inside a box. I like how the logos on these websites are in boxes: and 

Maybe the letter z in Prayz could be written in a different color to add a bit of fun…just a thought (see attached document for ideas)

Overall, the logo should be fun, but feminine, pretty and upscale (my target customer is 30-60 year old Christian women).

The logo will be used on my website, business cards, banners, and shirt embroidery and should also look good in black and white.

Don't Wants

Nothing cartoonish, clip-art like, or girly.


1. Drk Pin Try: R 202, G 104, B 127 (something close to the color of the purse found at
2. Black No Note
3: White No Note

About Us

Prayz Fashion will offer a line of handbags for Christian women. These leather purses will have bible verses embroidered on the outside and will be sold at Christian conferences and by Prayz Fashion Consultants at intimate home parties.

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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May 19, 2010 6:48 PM

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