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Logo Contest


Logo needed for Kovert


Develop brand name utilizing new logo.

Brand Name



I want a logo that will work well on a variety of fabrics.  It should look exceptionally well when you embroider, silkscreen, emboss, and digitally print it.  I want the logo to have an element that in itself that can be marketed, take the Under Armor logo:


Or the Oakley logo:


Or the Ogio logo:


The colors white, gray, and black are very versatile, and work well with fabrics.  Use this as a suggestion of where to start.  Remember, that depending on how the logo looks, you'll have a lot of fabrics that vary in color.  So, you have to consider how the logo will look against the pack color, and how to incorporate it in.


Since this will become the brand identity of my company, it will be featured on products, company letterhead, and a website.

Don't Wants

Yellow, brown, and pink are colors that I don't want to use.


1. #000000 -
2. #C0C0C0 No Note
3: #F0F0F0 No Note

About Us

Kovert is the new brand name of a company that will specialize in a variety of anti-odor products, namely bags, backpacks, and associated gear.  Utilizing advanced textile technology dubbed "Kovert Kloth" we will be developing products for the camping and hunting markets, as well as, athletic bags, and diaper bags.  All of these backpacks, and related bags will feature a variety of anti-odor technologies that will allow you to remain covert.


We may begin to develop backpacks, but also don't want to be limited to one industry, so, the logo should remain versatile.  Look at the Dakine logo for example:

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April 23, 2010 3:20 PM

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