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"Run to Win" 1 Cor 9:24


Something bold and edgy

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The sample logo that I loaded is what we have now. We are moving locations and want to start fresh with new logo but utilizing same/similar schemes.

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My goal as a GF trainer is to create an environment of like-minded people who value fitness, accountability, relationships and healthy eating (without being over the top!) I want to make fitness available to anyone who desires change in their life in this area by removing obstacles--making it affordable for everyone and kid and family friendly! For as much as I love working out and training athletes-I believe this class is a tool God has blessed me with to build relationships! I am not an "in your face" type of coach. I am a teacher and encourager, gently pushing you to the next level as you are ready. You DO NOT need to be fit to start our class--I will ease you in and you just have to be willing and have a great attitude! You will be surrounded by amazing, fun people who have passion for fitness and life, and you will quickly be swept up into it!

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