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HooterCooterWear or HCW for short.


"Ladies ... We've got you covered" or "If you have to cover them ... We're on it" or "Take us along"


We are looking for a distinguishable logo that will be the cornerstone of our brand.

The logo will be displayed on the tag of the garments.
The logo will be used as design elements in patterned clothing.
The logo will be used at events, on banners,and on the website.

Easy Going
Palm Trees
'Woody' Car colors
Parrot Head Relaxed Style

We have uploaded an image that was created by the client to convey an idea . We realize that this is closer to a 'sticker' or 'shirt artwork' than it is to a logo. We need the logo that will be the anchor of the brand, then there will be lots of shirt, sticker, and clothing design work for the winning designer. Please think in terms of a brand family.

Idea #1
A diamond shape background. A tall woman, top to bottom, strolling down the beach at sunset, her top in hand ... tagline ... "Take us along"

Idea #2
Oval, top half wood with hootercooterwear. Bottom half with the image from above.

Feel free to deviate and create your own ideas too. We're looking for a logo that will be the brand and used as mentioned above.


1. #64f2f2 Turquoise, not necessarily this exact number
2. #523c2b Wood Grain Brown "Woody" cards
3: #cf3e19 Sunset Colors as splash or accent

About Us

COMPANY: HooterCooter Wear, LLC is our client. They are a woman's clothing manufacturer specializing in sexy swim suits, swim wraps, casual dresses, booty shorts, and hot pants. THE PRODUCT: The product is designed for the attractive, active and slender body style. We make good look great. Most sizes available. TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience is women ages 18 to 45 who are more on the wild side, have fun, and like to look good. But chill & easy going is the theme.

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July 26, 2014 9:17 PM

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