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Conscious Discovery


Out with the old, in with the YOU.


I do NOT want to lose who I am in my marketing. I make self-discovery fun and bring a real and practical approach to unfolding human potential. The work is deep and serious but, I bring a light and joyful presence to the journey… I want that to come across in my marketing. I want to reach a younger crowd without turning off the older crowd. I’ve been described as: passionate, easy-going, provocative, fun, sincere, and magnetic

Don't Wants

I don't know what corporate-y would mean exactly in a logo but, I know that it should definitely not be that.


1. #0e8f71 I can't exactly find the color in these color chart things. I've attached a picture, and would love something close to the greenish/teal bluish colored dress as my primary color - hope that helps! :)
2. #f23db0 Minimal use of this darker pink as an accent (maybe even a slight touch of yellow if necessary)
3: #050404 I'd like black to be the undertone or background for the primary colors to pop from

About Us

I work with fun, open-minded free thinkers who are tired of minimizing who they really are just to fit who everyone else is telling them they should be. They are ready to stop playing small and discover who it is they were created to be in this world - for themselves, their families, and their future.

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