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Cprbids or


Professional Logo for Website

Brand Name

Cprbids or


I want a professional logo that I can use both on the website and on letterhead. I would like it to be sleek and modern while maintaining the professional look.


I will accept work that has or just Cprbids.


It can be with or without a tag line. If you are going to use a tag line, make up one of your own that you feel would represent the site.


I had though that it might look interesting with a bidding paddle incorporated into the design. A bidding paddle is something that certain auction houses use to place numbers on. Then when you want to bid on an item you just raise it up. I would like to see some designs with and without a paddle. If you use a paddle I would like the color to be black and the top part of the paddle to be a square with rounded edges and just the black outline. No fill color on the top of the paddle. Maybe a heart in the center of the top of the paddle or an outline of a heart.


I am open to suggestions, you are the designer.

Don't Wants

I don't want anything with a heart rythm or cross.


1. #FF9900 Any shade of yellow or orange is ok.
2. #006699 I prefer to stick with darker blues.
3: #9F9F9F Any shade of grey is ok.

About Us is a website that focuses on connecting people who are looking for CPR or First Aid training with companies or individuals that provide that type of training.


Individuals will come to They will fill out a form with information about the type of training they need. When that form is submitted the information will be sent to instructors via email.


The instructors will then prepare a quote and email to the individual requesting the class.

Clip Art Allowed


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April 16, 2010 2:08 PM

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