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This is our first contest for a logo so expect the creative brief to be updated often with a more refined vision for what we're looking for. A lot of submissions will come in and we WILL TRY to leave feedback for all of them.

We want our logo to be something that is modern-looking and simple, perhaps even minimalist, but something that conveys data security or recovery somehow. An impeccable logo would be an evolution of the current logo design with respect given to the "metro" style design that has gained recent popularity, but don't be shy about submitting something out of left field either.

Please note the "swoosh" symbol that takes place of the O in Nordic. That swoosh design is used as our favicon on our website as well as the main icon for our backup client user interface. Our new logo needs some kind of feature symbol that can also be made into a square icon, and it needs to be better than our current logo otherwise we are just wasting time.

The winner is likely to receive more design work from us in the future. Thank you all for participating!

***** DAY 2 UPDATE *****

1. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE PRESENTED ON A PLAIN WHITE CANVAS IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED! We know you all can work with backgrounds but we are not judging your creative work with backgrounds. no paper, drywall, t-shirt, business card or gradient\spotlight canvas please. plain 2-dimensional white background only.

2. The name of our company is Nordic Backup. In our logo, "Nordic" and "Backup" should be in the same size and same font. The color does not have to be the same for both words, and capitalization is less important, but BOTH WORDS AND SYMBOL should be of equal size. We do not want to see a huge NORDIC on top of "backup" printed in some lesser size font. Our company name is not Nordic, it is Nordic Backup.

3. Some of you are submitting a logo with a gigantic symbol hovering above the text. Some of you are submitting logos that with the symbol and text all on one line and some that have the symbol and text stacked vertically. If you want your design to be considered, you will submit a logo with the symbol and text printed inline with all elements of equal height, AND you will present a stacked design.
We need a logo that looks good in BOTH orientations, but the inline logo will be used most often so focus on that.

4. The logo needs to look good both with the standard colors and with the colors inverted

5. We need more creativity and new ideas with the symbol than what we are seeing. We don't just want a stylized letter "N" to be the symbol or anything that seems unrelated to cloud backup. A cloud with creative use of a circular or quasi-circular arrows (a clever "refresh" symbol of some kind) or something that symbolizes continuity - our backup is continuous and always running. We don't REQUIRE a refresh symbol in the logo but we would like to see more attempts and evolution of that idea.

***### UPDATE Friday May 16 ###***

Thank you for all the submissions so far. After some thought we have decided the following two colors will be our primary colors:

orange: 255, 153, 51 = #FF9933
blue: 0, 102, 255 = #0066FF

Please do not submit any more logo designs unless it incorporates these two colors.

So far, no one has submitted anything that we can actually use, but the following designers are in our top 3 and we are hopeful:

Sandar: #131, #211, #212

Jaln: #29, #209

ghost: #167

In general I am surprised by the lack of originality, and by how most of the submissions appear to be slight modifications to well-known generic images. Some designs are very original and clever, but also ugly, and that is a problem.

Everyone please consider the designs mentioned above and experiment with them. Be creative and do not copy a 3-lobed cloud icon from google images. Stop using the letter "N" in the symbol. Come up with something that is attractive and is instantly recognizable as cloud backup, and you just might win.

Don't Wants

3D-looking or glossy design, the letter N should not be used in the symbol


1. #ffffff #FF9933 is our current primary color

No Color Specified

#0066FF is our current secondary color

No Color Specified

No Note

About Us

We are looking for a logo refresh to modernize our look. We are a cloud backup and disaster recovery company with comprehensive backup solutions for home, small business, and enterprise customers. blue is definitely our color, but the problem is that blue is now our only color. I would like to see cool use of grey or perhaps something bright like orange if the colors work together Here's our current logo which I will also attach. This logo is maybe 6 years old: Please check out our site to get a sense of what we are about.

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May 12, 2014 9:54 AM

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