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Innovating with Youth for Health and Opportunity. (this does not need to be part of the logo)


elegantly simple, professional, innovative, clean

We want it to represent the concept of "dissemination." We want the graphic to represent the dispersment/adoption of our innovations/products throughout the US. We're not wanting a globe or world symbol as much as rays or dissemination trajectories.

we want the title, dFusion to feel like it "goes" with or "fits into" the rest of the design

Don't Wants

Don't want it too busy. It has to look good in black and white version.


1. #2e19cf blue and gold are nice - i love the image above, but needs to be simplified
2. #f2ea0c No Note
3: #f50c0c No Note

About Us

dFusion is a start up small business that creates social science solutions (such as aps for teen pregnancy prevention, online trainings for sex ed teachers, etc..) using digital technologies. dFusion develops the innovative solutions and disseminates as widely as possible to create positive social change.

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April 18, 2014 5:10 PM

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