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Social Networking/Restaurant/Bar Logo


a Facebook/iPhone application that allows you to send friends real redeemable drinks at local bars.

Brand Name



We want a logo that people will associate with a fun service they can use often.  We want to be associated with social networking/fun and would prefer a logo that evokes that sentiment.  Twitter and Facebook are a good start, but we want a logo that transcends online into the real world.  That is our target, to provide users a vehicle that will enable them to take their online social interactions into the real world through gifting real drinks to local bars.


Also, potentially integrating a beer mug/martini glass/or anything else that would help integrate the bar/drink theme into the logo. 


Feel free to take a new stab at our logo and color scheme!

Don't Wants

Use your discretion.  Remember, we want a logo that has roots in social networking/web 2.0 with a more hip and bar/drink-oriented feel, but not pretentious or swanky.  Feel free to integrate a martini glass, drink object, or any other object that will delineate the bar/restaurant theme.


1. #FF9933 -

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About Us

Two words sum up our company, social and fun. We are a small startup in San Francisco that will be launching an online Facebook application and iPhone app that will allow users to send their friends $1 drinks redeemable at participating bars!  Bartab is geared towards drink specials.

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March 15, 2010 10:16 AM

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