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A-O Energy


Putting energy to work for you


The name "A-O Energy" should be the centerpiece of the design. "Putting energy to work for you" with the "you" italisized should be highlighted as well. We would like the design to capture going from energy waster to energy efficient. One potential idea we had was fading of the color within the A-O Energy text itself from a deep red to an earthy green color. If using these colors, avoid bright colors as we don't want the appearance of Christmasy!

If you have any ideas about creative uses of color to capture this evolution, or if there are some other colors that you think would work, please try it out - we want something simple, bold, yet that provides a play on words if you will.

Black is the other color that is within our color scheme that could be used for

Don't Wants

fun fonts, over the top graphics

About Us

A-O Energy is an energy and environmental consulting company who specializes in leveraging energy efficient technologies and energy savings mechanisms to help organizations work towards energy independence. We would like to see a very bold and elegent design that integrates strong colors.

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November 8, 2013 2:23 PM

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