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Efficient Solutions for the Structural World


The lgogo design should emphasize a strong structural element with an environmental edge. The colors we would like to use for the design include a shiny grey or silver variation to capture the strong cable structural element. The environmental edge should be captured with color variations of blue and green. The use of black for text and/or borders is suitable. We would like for a suspension bridge to be integrated into the logo (background). An example of a suspension bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge. One potential idea that we threw around (but are not completely set on) is the use of the letter S as a river that flows under the suspension bridge using the color blue. Integrate the slogan “Efficient Solutions for the Structural World” at the bottom of the USC (possibly as the base of the bridge in block letters, but again, not completely set on). We would like to see clean, strong fonts used in the design.

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About Us

The logo is for a company named Ultimate Strength Cables. USC specializes in the design of “ultimate strength cables” and other structural designs utilizing its cable to support structures in a tension capacity, such as suspension bridges cable stayed bridges, towers guyed at very acute angles, and an array of other tension uses. The cable’s strength creates the most environmental and efficient use of structural tension supports both during the manufacturing process (minimal to zero energy consumption to create) and the end product as it reduces the amount of materials used on a given structure.

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November 8, 2013 2:13 PM

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