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Avalanche Supply Logo


Modern Industrial Products

Brand Name

Avalanche Supply


We desire something strong and modern. Clean and not cartoonish. A design that feels truly original....not cookie cutter or "stock".

Color-wise, we should be in the world of blues and blacks.  But we are open here.  Don't feel limited.


The font should feel weighty without being goofy or overly designed. The more compact the better -- specifically, we tend to think "supply" should fit under Avalanche. We generally prefer all caps, but are open -- as long as the font feels strong.  

That said, we are not afraid of representing a "mountain" or "peak".  Or multiple peaks.  But it doesn't need to be "on the nose" or snow-capped. Modern and sophisticated is the goal.  Don't take this literally.  Innovation will win the job.

Don't Wants

Myopia.  Taking everything in this description too literally.  If the above colors don't work, play and explore please.


We see no need to actually represent a "snowball avalanche" in the logo. That's too literal. A wintry feel or "blizzard" look is NOT what we are going for. 


Lastly, we don't want to look like the Colorado Avalanche or the Avalanche truck. Must differentiate.  


1. #000000 -
2. #0099CC No Note

No Color Specified

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About Us

We are selling industrial products (metals and machinery) and should convey strength....without forcing it.  We have a sophisticated client list that expects precision and modernization as well.  Our clients are surprisingly fashionable and trendy -- we need to feel OF THE MOMENT.

Tonally, it might help to imagine that we are a hip mountaineering equipment company. A manufacturer of carabiners and ropes for the young, urban set.

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March 2, 2010 10:29 AM

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