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RiverBirch Executive Advisors, LLC


I would like to have something that speaks to the professionalism and high level of the services. The hourly rate I charge is high and I want to convey that - like a law firm or CPA firm. I have been CEO of a growing firm for 12 years and am reaching out to other CEOs and executives to help them succeed. I think I would like a river birch leaf in fall color in the logo but open to options. Also open to water in the logo like stream or river as this tree often grows on edge of water. Like to see both options. (Leaf is kind of like an aspen leaf only grows in our area and the name aspen was so overused in business names.) Also want the River and Birch to both be capitalized but one work RiverBirch. 2 images/themes in the brand/logo could be nature/natural and high end professional consulting service. You can google the tree to get pictures of the leaves, see its habitat, etc.


1. #ffffff Like to have fall colors of yellows, reds, and oranges.

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See above - open to alternatives but this is my thought for now. Greens and blues might work too for nature colors, i.e.; water, trees, etc.

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Executive Team and CEO coaching and consulting services. Strategic planning, business planning. organizational disciplines, people and leadership development. Target market is CEOs and leadership/management teams for firms with revenues in the 1 to 100 million dollar range. Primary geographic area is Indianapolis and the Midwest.

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