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Dream Girl


Making Life Simple One Dream At A Time


I want Dream Girl in the center with Ja'Net Adams on top of it and the tagline "Making Life Simple One Dream at a time below it. I could not attach picture but I want everything to be on top of a silver sphere shape that looks like a it has four stripes going around it where two are purple.

The Dream Design logo pic: Dream and Girl can be intertwined. The The G mixed in with the D. The "i" in Girl will be a star. My name will go up top in cursive and the motto will go below in cursive. Background silver with purple writing or purple and silver writing.

Writing and background: when you look at the wedding invite picture I like the shiny of the silver and how both colors go together.

I would like my signature to be close to as possible to the attachment. I want the 3 shape within the J and the N to be like in the picture. The rest of the letters don't matter.

Don't Wants

I don't want light purple.

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I am a professional speaker who talks to college students and corporations about getting out of debt and building wealth. Fun, but professional

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May 15, 2013 9:59 AM

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