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Exclusive Martial Arts/ EMA


Goals - Smooth, Modern, Clean, Sharp, Colorful (ok with color blends within the Black, Blue, and White color family) Ex. - Starting off with white letters and blending into blue or some letters in black, white, or blue. Strait lines in the lettering with motion surrounding. Negative space logos are also welcome.

Examples of logos that we like:

Affliction - The center piece to their logo is edgy and exciting

Never Summer - The main part of their logo lends itself to many color options. When you see it, you know for whom it represents even if you don't snow board.

Famous Stars and Straps - The many designs within the F makes the logo fun, but includes the star and strap within the logo. Love the F represents the logo with different fonts in the rest of the logo

Will I Am Logo - Simple with initials and power button within the logo (willpower)

Don't Wants

Common Karate Guy


1. #1624f0 -
2. #080707 No Note

No Color Specified

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Martial Arts School - Family martial arts training

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April 30, 2013 3:14 PM

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