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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Either Midtown Pawn Boutique or just Pawn Boutique


no slogan or tagline


Like introducing a queens crown (like Queen Isabella of Spain) in the design or something Christopher Colombus specific.
Logos we like: think upscale fashion: Brooks Brothers, Tiffany, Chanel (the interlocking "c"s), Sotheby's, Coca-Cola (because it's simple and iconic, looks good in ANY color, ANY size)

•give us different color variations / combinations (i.e. a "bright" version, a "subdued" version)
•use color
•font-based logo

Don't Wants

- Make use of dark browns or woody backgrounds.
•No handwriting fonts - too casual (cursive may be okay, if upscale)
•Too modern
•Don't use the pawnbroking balls or the crest

About Us

Midtown Pawn Boutique is a new breed of collateralized lending - an upscale, trendy, destination where people will go to buy, sell, or trade their valuables for cash.

Clip Art Allowed


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April 23, 2013 1:47 PM

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closed over 11 years ago