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Sort Your Life Out


A "general" logo and an "app-sized" logo are required.

"General Logo": A lettermark logo branding the name "SYLO", incorporating an abstract logo (icon), and slogan.

"App Logo": A reduced size version of the general logo containing just the word SYLO and the abstract logo (an app icon).

Think: Simple, Bold, Modern, Colourful, and Clean

The design should have a ‘primary school’ colour theme: A basic patterned background (eg. stonewash, eggshell, marble, pebble) with multiple vibrant colours placed over the top.

A potential colour scheme is included.

Design should incorporate some sort of icon.


1. #fcfcfc -
2. #f7f8fa No Note
3: #fcfcfc No Note

About Us

Self-help productivity software available online and through smartphone applications.

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April 21, 2013 3:29 PM

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