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Flipped Classroom


Your path, your pace


WE WILL AWARD QUICKLY - this is a FAST turn around project. We want it to have high tech, edgy feel. Very contemporary. Very legible and clear.

No books in the logo please - this is for eLearning - online learning - virtual classroom.

As the tagline talks about a ‘path’ – this can be used as a metaphor.

You can have fun with it as well - even a computer mouse where the wire going through a path or anything like that as long as it is crisp and good for professional high tech.

The design can be quite simple. Illustration / Cartoon feel is fine, if well done.

Don't Wants

Needs to work on colored backgrounds. Needs to reverse easily. NO BOOKS or NO old style learning icons like pencils/Erasers/Old school traditional learning tools. NO K-12 images. Thanks!!

About Us

We develop training for systems experts. This training offering will allow learners to go through the training over a long period of time, at their own pace. This logo will be used in powerpoint files, in quick reference documents, on websites. Target market: high tech sector, system architects / engineers. They are students in a course about software installation and management Company font: No standard font needed. Calibri is the house font, so the choice needs to complement it. Helvetica black also used. Brand colors: Dark Blue (25-5-110); Blue (0-100-175); Green (20-170-19); Grey (68-68-68). Secondary colors also available include as highlights, backgrounds etc.: Light blue (0-176-202); Yellow (242-182-0); Gold (233-131-0); Magenta (161-0-107); Ruby (205-0-60); Orange (224-82-6); Purple (62-13-83).

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March 25, 2013 2:22 PM

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