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LuvBag LOGO. Need a nice logo.


Fill It Up, Tie A Knot!

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Ok we have a bag that ties in a knot.  I was thinking of making the Heart look like a cartoon bag tied in a knot like the picture I attached to this file.  So it would be the HEART then in writing say Bag.  If we could make the Heart that looks like the bag tied in a knot cartoony and look as if it was filled in with a colored pencil


1. red Big RED Heart
2. Black The word BAG in black

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About Us

LuvBag Inc. has developed an ODOR PROOF cook in bag, which are high temperature oven roasting/cooking bags used to package a number of Fruits, Vegetables, and other items in which the scent must not leave the bag.

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January 11, 2010 7:09 PM

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