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Keep It Movin


FONT SAMPLES IN DESIGN DESCRIPTION. Font based design for an up and coming hip hop / electronic / funk music producer.


UPDATE #2 I am attaching a reference sample which I made myself in about 30 minutes. I dont want it to look exactly like this obviously but it gives an idea of the things I am looking for: clean style, unique font, a little funky, some 3D / movement. I also like the idea of playing with the initials K.I.M. or making those letters bigger, since that is where the name Keep It Movin came from.

The font that I used was: Philly Sans.

I also searched on under the groovy / graffiti / techno square sections and found the following fonts that I really like: Disko Deck, Eyelevation Pro, Val, Ali, Accessories, BD Bankwell, Big Poppa E, Electric Feel, Misirlou, Fineomite, David, Disko Duck, Aaaiight!, Amsterdam Graffiti, Nice Tag, Codygraff, Sydney Style, Cubos, AS/SQ, Daydream Daily, Darktech LDR.

Please feel free to use these / modify them / combine them ETC. Trying to give you an idea of what I like.

Lastly you can google search "Ultra Flyer" to see flyers with a lot more DJ logos. A few DJ logos I really like are Kill The Noise and Brillz. Thanks!

This is primarily a font based design.

I'm looking for a modern, edgy, unique logo. Something different but still very eye catching.

In general I would like everyone to think less JAZZ or DISCO and more FUNK or even PUNKROCK. I want an edgy aggressive look

I think a good idea is if the letters look like they have some movement to them, based on the "keep it movin" theme. Not necessary tho.

Don't Wants

Cheesy, unoriginal, boring look.

I have attached a sample idea but in no way do I want a copy of this. I want FRESH ideas

About Us

I am a music producer / DJ based out of Miami / NYC / Toronto. My style is very edgy, hipster, and unique, so my logo has to be too.

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April 1, 2013 10:31 AM

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