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Mobile Midwife EHR


Something creative that might incorporate a stethoscope/heart design

Don't Wants

Don't emphasize the EHR in the logo. It can be smaller than the rest of the words.


1. #58277b These colors do nothave to be exact...more of a plum color. Please change the shades to whatever looks best together.
2. #417100 Both of these colors can be accent colors. We had someone else design a logo with these colors and it looked too childish. So be conservative with the color use please.
3: #902068 No Note

About Us

We are a Electronic Health Record company for midwives. Midwives can keep track of their patient's health history, prenatal appointments and chart the birth all with one iPad app. This software is important for out of hospital midwives because they are able to be more mobile and on the go using their ipad. As a side note, for the logo the acronym "EHR" in the title can be much smaller than the words Mobile Midwife.

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March 6, 2013 9:29 AM

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