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Slickrock Offroad


A logo design that can be used on business cards, decals, embroidered on shirts & hats, laser cut in metal and used on a website. The design should convey a sense of adventure/exploration & the outdoors, while being "edgy" and cool enough to capture the 20-somethings without being so over the top that the 50-somethings (or women) stay away.

Some other companies that have the "edgy" side nailed include:
(although these may be just a bit too far to the 20-something crowd side of the scale & not include the 50-something crowd well enough)

One other image I like is the Coors Light image:

(You probably notice the theme between these three logos)

Electronic image files to be provided in EPS, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats. EPS format should include all layers, uncollapsed.

The shirt I'll be using will be a blue & black automotivce work shirt, something like this:

So the logo should be visible on the dark colors of the shirt.

Font saying "SlickRock Offroad" should be included with the logo (and will be optionally deleted in some uses: particularly laser cut into metal would omit the text). Font should likewise be chosen to be adventurous, a little edgy, cool, outdoorsy, but not over the top.

I'm optionally considering a tagline but haven't decided on anything yet. One thought is:
More Power. More Performance. More Capable.

Some other companies in this sector can give the designer a sense of the market & competition:

Am open to suggestions & will respond promptly.

Note: "Slickrock" is found in Moab, Utah & surrounding national parks (Arches, Canyonlands). May want to look at some photos of the area as an inspiration:

About Us

Builds Custom Jeeps & offroad vehicles for customers' adventures: engine swaps, lift kits, etc. Designs & Builds custom parts to make vehicles more capable. Target market: typically 30-something males with disposable income and a big sense of adventure, the market spans from the 20's to 50's and includes a small percentage of females. All love the outdoors, all love a sense of adventure and typically enjoy multiple types of adventure besides vehicle-based (e.g. camping, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, flying, motorcycling, etc)

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January 31, 2013 12:18 PM

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