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Logo for a Property Preservation Company



Brand Name

Doc's Property Service


NOT REAL SURE WHAT I WANT!! I want a simplistic yet clever logo - maybe using the name incorporated with a  house.  Maybe somehowing playing on the word Doc, but DO NOT want it to be corny ... that should be challenging : )  Family nickname is Doc, business is Doc's Property Service - "These Doc's make house calls" - is that too cheesy?? yikes. So if that can't be pulled off with class, I'm willing to forego it.


I don't really have a color preference. Again, as long as it's classy, simple, masculine, and somehow conveys trust, integrity.


Doesn't need to have alot of color.


Have at it - I'm really looking forward to your creativity!



Don't Wants

Don't want it to be too busy.  Don't want cheesy. Don't want someone to have to think about what they're looking at or have to wonder what the message the logo is trying to convey.

About Us

We are a Property Preservation company securing abandoned and foreclosed homes for service companies, and have been in business since 1991. Have stood the test of time when many have failed. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our business and believe that our longevity is a result of it.


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November 18, 2009 7:18 AM

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