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We have a preliminary logo but it is just the name spelled out. We are looking for a “stamp” or something to go along with it – next to it or instead. We’re open to overall logo redesign as well, but feel we need a symbol or graphic associated that we can use that help set our identity.

I have attached our current Glide-Line logo.

This product will take on it’s own identity. It will have it’s own microsite and will be Glide-Line and then on the site real small “by NCC“

Our main company logo can be found on

We also have a strategic partner, FlexMove Systems and will be have salespeople dedicated to these two brands with BOTH logos on their business card. FlexMove and Glide-Line. So, the logos should look good next to each other and follow similar color combinations or complementary.

Note that there is a required "dash" between Glide and Line. Glide-Line.

About Us

We design and build industrial automation conveyor systems. Our typical market is food producers and optical lens manufacturers, but we have launched a new product that will target automotive, consumer electronics and appliance and medical device assembly. We sell to engineers and project managers in a strictly B-B format. The new product is called Glide-Line and will have a microsite developed specifically for it. We have trade-marked the name. THe product itself is aluminum extrusion based and has multiple strands of belting on the same conveyor. What makes it unique is (a) our willingess to customize for the application vs some of the larger manufacturers and (b) the software package that we have developed to make it easy for engineers to configure the product to their exact needs. So, overall, we are selling ease of use, configuration and flexibility. Please note - this conveyor does NOT curve, so illustrations that represent a curving conveyor woudl be misleading...

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