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Design Brief

Logo Contest


HIT Kickboxing


High Intensity Training also to be included somewhere in small print "by VAJ-Jujitsu"


We are looking for a design that will represent the face of our organization
We are looking for a logo that seperates our fitness facility from the rest
We are looking for a fresh new design with a good use of the colors (red,yellow and black)
We are looking for a Logo that gives automatic memory recognition (ex. la fitness, crunch, reebok)
Images/Graphics are accepted (Silouettes of people training, boxing gloves, etc...)

Don't Wants

No "kiddie" looking designs

About Us

We are a Fitness School that offers a different style of high intense kickboxing. Our Organization will be set up in the buisness community area of lower manhatten.

Clip Art Allowed


Contest Started

January 21, 2013 3:54 PM

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closed over 11 years ago