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Valley Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



We are looking for a modern, striking, simple design that is easy to size and use for multiple media formats (web, business cards and brochures, letterhead). Ideally, we'd like an image-based logo that can be used by itself and with BOTH our full business name (Valley Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and our acronym (VCCBT). We want to convey the following with the logo: health, life, energy, change, positivity. Preferred design colors are greens and blues, white background, maximum of 2-3 colors in design.
Open to ideas, but please attempt to format full company name in one of these ways:

(justified to left)

Valley Center
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

*We often use a "triangle" diagram in the type of therapy we offer. Incorporating a triangle or triangular shape would be great.

Don't Wants

-No "heads" or "brains"
-No couches
-No trees, leaves, streams or sunsets (local competitors use these)
-No flowers
-No black, red, pink, or purple


1. #37db73 Shades of green
2. #37e8d3 Shades of turquoise, aqua
3: #1589d6 Shades of light blue

About Us

Valley Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychotherapy practice providing treatment for anxiety, depression, and other problems. We are located in a suburban area in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Our treatment is modern, cutting-edge, and scientifically-based. Our target audience includes adults seeking treatment and other healthcare professionals who may refer patients to us.

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December 9, 2012 5:46 PM

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