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Breakneck Lager


From the Lower Hudson Valley


It needs outdoors--the obvious mountain with flagpole...but also needs something to pop and make you look twice...this website will help give ideas as far as the scenery:

Please have a look:

Mountain, Hudson River, a hiker or to suggestions....this is a beer label but will probably also become a company logo. Can be cartoonish or classic...appeals to crunchy tourist hiker crowd, but don't be too feel good "naked juicey," because the beer also needs to catch on with the upstate NY locals--it has to be blue collar yet outdoorsy, if that makes sense. I want West Point kids drinking it too (one mile away.) Can't be hippy or trippy...but needs to be cool for the hiker crowd.


Many excellent designs. Some depict an extreme climb--Breakneck his is more of a trail hike...but there is a peak, and people are excited to reach the top...where they, hopefully, may stop and celebrate with my beer as they overlook and appreciate the Hudson River, the views of West Point Military Academy. Some of the submissions show good simplicity such as a silhouetted figure, but that figure would need to be more of figure i am shooting for...this is not only a beer label design but it should be easily translated into a clean icon for the corner of a business card or company letterhead. In other words, I am seeking a memorable clean image as opposed to a more complicated picture. Thank you all, continually--I hope to see some revisions and variations...I am not very close to choosing a winner...I keep extending the contest by several days to hope for more submissions following my feedback--plus, I have been slow on my feedback...but the contest dollars keep ticking upward too, and I have to pick soon. I appreciate the views of an entire beer label as many of you have provided--several look very professional, although, I am judging more by the core design--an oval or rectangle based logo...before any surrounding frills or accents. Also, colors are less important to me than the overall feel. (Most likely, this beer label will also be reduced to a black and white clip art of sorts, appearing as a familiar logo on my business card or letterhead.) I hope this feedback helps all the entrants...folks, I work midnights-to-morning as a maintenance shift worker...this is me trying to turn a home brewing hobby into a business...I have not done this before...apologies for delays in useful feedback. I remain impressed by the art and talent herein. So, thanks again. Please, one of you--try adding the figure of a woman at the flagpole--this COULD be a good idea.

Don't Wants

Although legal clip art is allowed and okay, I would hope to see more orginal design work.


1. #092e11 Don't care that much about colors--just the whole feel of it.
2. #d46d28 Don't care that much about colors--just the whole feel of it
3: #2d0bb5 Don't care that much about colors--just the whole feel of it

About Us

Breakneck Ridge is a famous local landmark here. Hundreds of tourists ride the train from NYC up here each weekend--an hour north--to hike to the peak of Breakneck Ridge. This is the target market for the beer. Breakneck Brewing is copyrighted. Breakneck Lager is the product. The most recognized peak of the mountain is marked by a flagpole with an American flag and also a P.O.W. one. It rises above the beautiful Hudson River...across the river is Storm King Mountain....under Breakneck is a tunnel for cars and a railroad also runs through. This is regular guy beer, not ftrend or snobby micro should appeal to both the crunchy hiker crowd who come and go on day trips, but at the same time, appeal to the average blue collar conservative local. It's a better beer than Coors and Budweiser. And It's local. It would be nice if it caught on at West Point Military Academy, which also sits across the river. The name supposedly came from a bull falling off of the peak and breaking its neck...there is also a nearby Mt.Taurus or Bull Hill which is part of the same legend. Bald Eagles circle here. West Point helicopters go over....George Washington was here when he scouted for a place to begin a military academy. Lots of Revolutionary War history. My own layman idea of the logo was an upward A shape for the peak, slightly leaning one way, with the outline of a backpack hiker climbing the last steps, reaching the flag...a helicopter in the background, in front a of a huge sun...autumn river below....could not figure in the railroad tracks or the tunnel below...made it kinda South Park looked very amateur but have to start somewhere. Open to ideas. Thank you in advance.

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