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Easy to read.
Prefer less colors than more. Will be printing on T-shirts, etc. so like 2 color process. (maybe 3), but a focal color and grey scale to go with it is preferred. Look at fitness supplement products like those found on for inspiration.
We will modify the color our-self based on if the product is masculine (green) or feminine (hot pink)

Don't Wants

Original works only.
No Muscles/arms or purely fitness/masculine style.


1. #3cff00 Lime/florecent green.
2. #000000 Grey scale.

No Color Specified

No Note

About Us

Primarily a Personal Development company with a focus on fitness clothing, equipment and training. The term Fullazz is derived from Full-Ass. Expression of giving a Full- Ass effort versus Half-Ass effort. FullAzz vs. HalfAzz. It isn't JUST about fitness though. It is a philosophy/way of life. Living life full out. Giving it your all. There will be a Life Coaching, goal achievement, personal development component to this brand, again, not just about fitness. Our target demographic is Men & Women, so need to stay pretty gender neutral, although could lean SLIGHTLY more masculine as women will buy into Masculine more than men will Feminine. These will be mothers & fathers age 30 to 40. More modern look than traditional. Bold, Inspiring. Look at Fitness supplements (like found on for inspiration). Want the look of the logo to inspire a "Go For It" attitude. Need final files in fully editable, layered, vector format so I may make any necessary modifications later to include color, gradients and effects.

Clip Art Allowed


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November 25, 2012 11:07 AM

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