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Bridal Boutique Needs Feminine Logo


Feminie Boutiqu logo

Brand Name

Occasions House of Bridal


  • Don't be too simple.
  • Think Feminine.  Not feminine "girly" but feminine "sophisticated and elegant". 
  • I would like the "O" in Occasions to stand out so it can be used alone at times. 
  • Please use black and white with our signature color which is aubergine/eggplant (purple).
  • A "sparkle" or silhouette of a sexy wedding gown may be a nice feminine touch.
  • Release your creativity.  I would love to see other options as I haven't explored other ideas. Also, I'm not wed to the purple #660066 but it was the closest to what I want on this website. 


1. #000000 -
2. #FFFFFF No Note
3: #660066 No Note

About Us

We are a posh bridal boutique.  We pride ourselves in having a very feminine atmosphere.  We serve sparkling cider to our brides and dainty cookies.....just so you get the picture. We have an upscale feel and our logo should too.  We of course sell wedding gowns and accessories.
Our boutique is decorated throughout with damask prints in black and white.  Our store bags have this print as well.  We will use the logo for hang tags, signs, emails etc and would like the logo to fit in with the existing signature damask design. Search Google images for "Damask"  and you will find examples of damask print in black and white.  I also attached a sample.
Our boutiques name is...
House of Bridal

Sample Image

Clip Art Allowed


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October 3, 2009 6:11 PM

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