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Tim Tebow Fan Facebook Page Logo & Timeline Design


Logo design & Timeline for facebook page: Jews For Tebow

Brand Name

Jews For Tebow (facebook page)


1) New logo for my group/facebook page: Jews For Tebow
Link to page:

2. Logo should have an 'official' look, be catchy, stand out yet be professional, cutting edge and memorable.

3. logo will be used as a t-shirt design, on our facebook page and will be displayed when articles are written about the page.

4. Logo should have dimension in it and should use striking color.

5. If possible, I would like to keep a light/funny tone since we like to use comedy on the page - but it still needs to kept elegant and professional.

6. I would like to incorporate a jewish theme for the logo, but I don't want it to be the main aspect to the logo. One way would be to use Jewish icons like a jewish star of david, yarmulke, menorah or other symbols. Other symbols that can be used are stars, footballs, the #15 (his jersey number), football helmet or eye paint.

Note: I would like to try to have some type of a basic illustration or line art to 'bring the design together' along with the words and any other symbols used. Ideally, something that represents a cross between Judaism and Football. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what I am looking for.

8. Colors that I like are blues, chrome/gray or green (New York Jets Colors).

9. For the timeline - I'd like to try to incorporate our slogan into the logo: Never Underestimate The Power Of The Underdog. For the timeline you can also use football related TIm Tebow pictures.

Don't Wants

1. I prefer to not use pictures of Tim Tebow in this logo.
2. Knock off logos online: If you go to Google images and search by: Jews for tebow t-shirt, you will find some knock off designs that people have done. I don't like most of them - so I am looking for something that will make it stand out. Only one that is decent is the one with 3 guys with a #15 on the back of their shirts.

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November 8, 2012 1:03 PM

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