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Logo Contest


Law firm needs logo for letterhead, website, and business cards


I want something clean and simple. No scales of justice please!!!

Brand Name

Gangemi, P.C.


I want something clean, simple and memorable. I understand that designing that type of logo can be challenging. I don't want anything busy or gaudy, but I do want it to be simple and slick.

Don't Wants

No scales of justice. No generic images. I handle employment law, but I'm not interested in images that reflect that (e.g., no hammers, pens, etc...)


1. #ab1d1d see my current website. I am open to other colors though. I'm not good at this.

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No Color Specified

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About Us

I am an employment lawyer. My law firm is called "Gangemi Law Firm, P.C.," but I am shortening that to Gangemi, P.C. I handle employment law matters. There's more about me at

Clip Art Allowed


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November 7, 2012 12:37 PM

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closed over 9 years ago