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Plumbing company logo


starting up a new plumbing company with an eco edge to it.

Brand Name

H2ecO plumbing solutions


I'm looking for a simple clean design that i can have embroided on shirts and caps, aswell as placed on vehicles. I was thinking a gas flame, a water drop and a leaf (as an idea)
The vehicles i have are a "gun-metal grey" colour, so i was thinking something to go with that. Possibly some green in the writing to reflect the eco.

About Us

This is my first business i have started and i'm open to all ideas. My plumbing company will use the eco as a point of difference from other companies, however most of the work will be mainstream plumbing initially and hopefully as the business grows I will be able to offer more eco solutions for residential, commercial and maintenance.

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November 7, 2012 11:57 PM

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